Fire Prevention Week

October 3-9 is Fire Prevention Week. Here are a few tips to avoid accidental blazes:

  • Clean lint from your dryer after every load.
  • Keep flammables, like drapes, at least 3 feet from space heaters or other high heat sources.
  • Check appliances for frayed wires.
  • Avoid overloading outlets and power strips.
  • Test your smoke detectors. If you don't have any, consider getting them.
 (Reference: This Old House Magazine)


Headache During Orgasm

I started getting a headache around afternoon yesterday. It was a dull pain around the back of my right eye that seemed to radiate to the back of my head on the same side. I thought  I just needed to get a good night's sleep but was surprised to still have it when I woke up the next morning. It even felt worse.

So I decided to get more informed about headaches. The easiest read I've seen so far was on the Severe Headache Expert.com. It gave me several possible answers. Then I got distracted by this one... "Headache During Orgasm". Not that I have the condition but I just thought it was funny that it even exists, AND it has a name: reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome. How about that?

So whenever your spouse says he/she is not in the mood, be rest assured that it might just be worries about getting RCVS!

By the way, I still had the headache while I was typing this post.


SUPERNEWS! Better than TV?

A coworker introduced me to current.com's Supernews! on youtube. The videos are hilarious I had to subscribe.


Introducing Home DIY Quickies

Just started a new section... the Home DIY Quickies.

This is where I will post quick home DIY tips that I come across while watching TV, reading magazines or talking to friends and co-workers.

Just click on the Home DIY Quickies tab above to see what I have so far.


What's Cookin'? : Turkey Meatballs

Today, I got home from work and found myself staring at a pound of lean ground turkey. I actually had all day to plan on what to do with it... but didn't. All I knew was that I needed to prepare dinner fast!

As I stood in the pantry, my "inner chef" told me, "That might make it taste good!", as I instinctively grabbed each ingredient . I got curry powder, bread crumbs, an egg and soy sauce.

I finally decided I'd make turkey meatballs.